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These are related to the cranes news, in which you can learn about the latest trends in cranes and related information industry, to help you better understand and expand cranes market.
  • Dec
    Weight characteristics and advantages of European cranes

    Weight characteristics and advantages of European cranesThe mass of a European-style crane is called the lifting weight, and the rated lifting weight refers to the maximum weight that the crane is allowed to lift under normal operating conditions. For cranes with large lifting capacity, in addition

  • May
    Basic requirements for bridge cranes for driver operation

    Basic requirements for bridge cranes for driver operationThe basic requirements of the bridge crane for the operation of the driver; under the premise of strict compliance with various rules and regulations, the bridge crane driver should do the following five points in the operation.StableDuring th

  • Apr
    Principles and Applications of Common Electrical Components for Cranes(二)

    5, buttons,In practice, the button is usually selected based on the number of contacts required, the occasion and color used. The commonly used series buttons of LA18, LA19 and LA20 are applicable to AC500V, DC440V, rated current 5A, and control power in AC300W and DC70W control circuit.Button text

  • Feb
    What are the composition of ordinary bridge cranes?

    Ordinary bridge crane is generally made up of crane trolley, bridge running mechanism and bridge metal structure. Lifting trolley is made up of three parts: lifting mechanism, trolley running mechanism and trolley frame.The lifting mechanism includes motor, brake, reducer, reel and pulley block. The



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