Basic requirements for bridge cranes for driver operation

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Basic requirements for bridge cranes for driver operation

Basic requirements for bridge cranes for driver operation

The basic requirements of the bridge crane for the operation of the driver; under the premise of strict compliance with various rules and regulations, the bridge crane driver should do the following five points in the operation.


During the operation of the crane, the driver must start, the brakes are smooth, the hooks, spreaders and hanging objects are not swung.

2. Accurate

On the basis of stable operation, hooks, spreaders and hanging objects should be accurately parked above the designated position to land.Fast

3. Fast

On the basis of stability and accuracy, coordinate the corresponding mechanism actions, shorten the work cycle time, ensure the continuous continuous work of the crane, and improve production efficiency.

4. Security

Ensure that the bridge crane works reliably and effectively under perfect conditions. During the operation, the crane safety technical operation rules are strictly implemented, and no personal or equipment accidents occur.

5. Reasonable

On the basis of understanding the performance of the bridge crane and the mechanical characteristics of the motor, according to the specific conditions of the crane, the controller is correctly operated and reasonable control is achieved.



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