Bridge Launcher 
Road and bridge equipment is suitable for bridge construction on highway and railway working sites, from pipeline laying, environmental engineering, to the construction of large-scale roads and bridges, rail transit, subway tunnels and high-speed railways.​​​​​​​
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Bridge Launcher
Bridge Launcher Erection Crane

Rail Girder Crane Gantry Crane Truss Girder Road Construction CraneRail-mounted girder gantry crane The truss-girder road construction crane is a gantry crane specially designed for bridge construction. The beam crane is mainly composed of the assembled main beam, outriggers, cranes, etc. All parts

Launcher Girder Gantry Crane

Rail-mounted girder gantry crane and the truss-girder road construction crane are specially designed for bridge construction.

Battery Powered Transfer Car

KPX Series flat trolley are battery powered. The batteries are installed in the carts.

Cable Reel Transfer Car

KPJ Series railway flat carts are powered by the cable reels. The flat carts get power AC 380V through the device of cable reel which is installed at the bottom of the cart.

Concrete Beam Transport Vehicle

Hydraulic steering dolly girder trailer,Long beam bridge transporter trailer

Rubber Tyred Gantry Crane

RTG is a gantry crane specially designed for lifting concrete beams in bridge construction.

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Help customers greatly improve work efficiency
Solve the urgent needs of customers​​​​​​​
Provide customized special equipment
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