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Single-girder gantry cranes are also called electric single-girder gantry cranes, single-girder gantry cranes or electric hoist gantry cranes, and single-girder gantry cranes are of the MH type. The MH single-beam gantry crane is used in the electric hoist of CD, MD and other models. It is a medium and small gantry crane with rail operation.
MH type single-girder gantry cranes are general-purpose cranes, which are mostly used for loading and unloading or grabbing materials in open spaces and warehouses. Single-girder gantry cranes have wired handle operation, wireless remote control operation, and cab operation. Types of single-girder gantry cranes include single-shelter gantry cranes, gantry cranes (truss gantry cranes), and gantry cranes.


Single girder gantry crane safety protection device:
1. Overload limiter.
2, high quality, long-term use, impact-resistant polyurethane buffer.
3. Crane travel limit switch.
4, loss of pressure protection, phase protection.
5. Emergency parking system, brake system.
6. Lifting height limiter.

Parameter table:
Lifting Weightt t 5
Span m 12 16 20 24
Lifting Height H m 6/9
Working Parts Travelling Speed Ground m/min 20
Controlling Room 20 30
Motor Ground   YSE802-4/0.8*2 YSE90L-4/1.5*2
Controlling Room   ZDR100-4/1.5*2 ZDR112L1-4/2.1*2
Power Supply   360V 50HZ

  If you have different needs, we can provide customized services.


Standardized production process:
  Material preparing      Metal plate cutting          Metal cutting                   Welding                     Installation                  Inspection                     Painting 

The delivery of crane steel:
  Steel structure is used for building workshop, and gantry crane will install on steel constructure.with ecomonic development, most of worshops are adopted steel structure to set cargo If you want to know more crane knowledge,Please conact us.
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