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Double girder Overhead crane 
double girder overhead crane 

Product description:
QD double girder overhead crane is mainly composed of bridge frame, cart running mechanism, trolley, electrical equipment and so on. According to the frequency of use, it is divided into two working levels: A5 and A6. The crane action is all done inside the driver. 
Design advantages:
1. The double girder overhead crane is the first honeycomb beam design, featuring light weight, large load and strong wind resistance.
2. Unique steel pin connection, not only firm and reliable, but also short assembly time.
3. Flexible pole legs, the site can be turned into a single piece for convenient transportation. 
4. The minimum installed capacity solves the difficulty of electricity construction in the field.


Common parameters:
Lifting Weight t 5 10 16/3.2 20/5 32/5 50/10 75/20 100/20 300 350
Span m 10.5~31.5 13.5~31.5 13~31 17 22
Max Lifting Height main hook m 16 12 16 12 20 22 24 2
auxiliary hook   18 14 18 16 22 22 32 40
Power source Three-phase A.C 50HZ 380V
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Standardized production processes:


   Material preparing      Metal plate cutting          Metal cutting                   Welding                     Installation                  Inspection                      Painting 


The delivery of overhead crane :
Double girder Overhead crane as one lifting equipment for workshop, Firstly thank for our client choose us and believe us, 4 sets overhead crane has finished and delivery, and our worker is checking the overhead crane delivery at port and ensure every crane parts is loaded on time, and then we will arrange our engineer to our client site to guide installation and comissioning, If you want to know more our this crane,Please conact us.   


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