• Jun
    European single beam crane can reduce labor force

    European single beam crane can reduce labor force

  • May
    How to purchase gantry crane

    Gantry crane, also known as gantry crane, refers to a multi action lifting machine that can lift and carry heavy objects vertically and horizontally within a certain range. The working characteristic of crane is to do intermittent movement, that is to say, the corresponding mechanism of reclaiming,

  • May
    What do you use to control the crane and its functions?

    The wireless remote control is used when it is inconvenient to tie on the crane. In applications where the operator must bypass the object to ensure correct positioning (e.g. truck maintenance facilities), the remote control allows one operator to do two people's work. In facilities that move long i

  • May
    What are the changeable characteristics of load of electric single beam crane?

    In the process of operation, the electric single beam crane must bear various loads (such as static load, dynamic load, alternating load, impact load, vibration load, etc.). In the process of operation, the complexity of bearing load is not only reflected in the variety of load types, but also shows

  • Apr
    3.2T European single beam crane

    1. Advantages: compact size, low headroom, light weight and small wheel pressure.2. Applicable occasions: transfer, assembly, maintenance and loading and unloading operations of machining workshop, auxiliary workshop, warehouse, stock yard, power station, etc;It can also replace the ordinary double

  • Apr
    Why the price of box type gantry crane is too expensive

    Why the price of box type gantry crane is too expensive

  • Apr
    Teach you how to operate the dismantling and maintenance of bridge erecting machine

    1. When truss beams are removed, they shall be made of sleeper rafts. The shackle raft tower shall be firmly and reliably constructed. High strength bolts removed after flame heating shall be scrapped and shall not be inherited and used.2. Workers entering the demolition site must wear safety helmet

  • Apr
    The introduction of LH double beam bridge crane

    The LH type electric hoist double beam crane (crane, crane and crown block) is designed and manufactured in accordance with JB / t3695-1994 standard, and is used with CD1, MD1 and other forms of fixed electric hoist. The double beam bridge crane (crane, crane and crown block) with trolley running on

  • Apr
    So that the bridge crane can be used in the open warehouse

    Generally, it consists of three parts: mechanical, electrical and metal structures. The basic components of the bridge crane and its proper configuration are like a single span flat plate bridge supported on two parallel overhead tracks at both ends, which can be roughly divided into lifting mechani

  • Mar
    Our company is back to work

    At present, the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic is spreading all over the world, which poses great threat to people's life safety and health, and poses great challenges to global public health safety. After arduous efforts and great sacrifice, China's domestic epidemic prevention and control si


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