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Luancher girder crane 

Luancher-girder-craneProduct introduction
The Luancher girder crane is the most common type of bridge equipment. The bridge machine is the equipment for placing prefabricated beam pieces onto the prefabricated piers. The bridge machine belongs to the category of cranes because its main function is to lift the beam and then transport it to the position and then lower it. But it is very different from the crane in the general sense. The conditions required are harsh and there are movements on the beam, or longitudinal. Bridge-building machines are divided into road bridges, conventional railway bridges, and passenger railway bridges.

Product  performance characteristics
1) The whole machine can run the work horizontally and make the side beam installation once in place;
2) The installation of inclined (bent) bridges is more adaptable;
3) Light weight, transportation, installation and disassembly are extremely convenient and quick;
4) The work is safe and reliable, and the longitudinal cantilever deflection is small;
5) During the longitudinal movement, the middle leg does not pass through the bridge deck, and the longitudinal rail is not required to be laid, and the pressure on the bridge deck is reduced;
6) The position of each leg is flexible and adjustable, and the erection of the variable span bridge is more convenient.

Luncher girder crane

Our technical engineer has been at our client working site, and is guiding installation of launcher girder crane, Everything is going well under our engineer guidence. The launcher girder crane is used for lifting birdge,building domestic highway . We felt happy that make something for every people and every country. We hope highway could change one country's economy and people life. If you want to know more about launcher girder crane Please leave a message to us. Your support makes our product quality get better.

Gider crane delivery

Professional is one gurrantee for products safe, We are professional in girder crane file,Not only producing line, but delivery and installation. 

Girder crane installation

This launcher bridge gider crane is 100ton span 40meter, It's a goverment project, and they purchased two sets. All things is so smoothly casue we have a professtional engineer group. The installation site of launcher girder bridge crane was very good. Now these two sets launcher girder crane works smoothly and improve working efficiency.

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