What are the composition of ordinary bridge cranes?

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What are the composition of ordinary bridge cranes?

Ordinary bridge crane is generally made up of crane trolley, bridge running mechanism and bridge metal structure. Lifting trolley is made up of three parts: lifting mechanism, trolley running mechanism and trolley frame.

The lifting mechanism includes motor, brake, reducer, reel and pulley block. The motor drives the drum through the reducer, which causes the wire rope to coil up or down from the reel to lift the heavy weight. The trolley frame is a frame for supporting and mounting parts such as lifting mechanism and car running mechanism, usually welded structure.

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The driving mechanism of crane operation mechanism can be divided into two categories:

One type is the centralized drive, which USES an electric motor to drive the active wheels on both sides of the long drive shaft;

The other type is driven by an electric motor on each side of the active wheel. More medium and small bridge crane brake, reducer and motor group synthesis drive mode, the integration of the "triad" big lifting weight of ordinary bridge crane for ease of installation and adjustment, drive often adopt universal coupling.

The crane operation mechanism usually only USES four active and driven wheels, if the weight is very large, commonly used to increase the wheel to reduce the wheel pressure. When the wheel is more than four, it must be articulated and balanced, so that the load of the crane is evenly distributed on each wheel.

The metal structure of the bridge is composed of the main beam and the beam, which is divided into single main beam bridge and double beam bridge. The single main beam bridge is composed of a single main beam and an end beam located on the two sides of the span. The two beams are composed of two main beams and two beams.

The main beam is rigidly connected with the end beam, and the end of the beam is equipped with wheels to support the bridge to run on the elevated platform. The main beam is welded to an orbit for lifting trolley to run.



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