Weight characteristics and advantages of European cranes

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Weight characteristics and advantages of European cranes

Weight characteristics and advantages of European cranes

The mass of a European-style crane is called the lifting weight, and the rated lifting weight refers to the maximum weight that the crane is allowed to lift under normal operating conditions. For cranes with large lifting capacity, in addition to the main hook, a secondary hook with a small lifting capacity and a high lifting speed is also provided. The lifting capacity of the auxiliary hook is generally 1/5 to 1/3 of the main hook, and it should also meet the series standards of lifting capacity.

For cranes that use grabs, electric disks, ladles (barrels), special spreaders, etc. as picking devices, the rated lifting capacity includes two parts: the weight of the picking device and the maximum item weight. Since the lifting capacity of a rotary crane varies with the amplitude, the maximum lifting capacity at the minimum amplitude is usually used as the rated lifting capacity.

For cranes using hooks and rings as the picking device, the rated lifting weight does not include the mass of the hooks or rings, which refers to the maximum item weight allowed to be lifted. When a crane allows two hooks to work at the same time, the lifting capacity of the crane refers to the maximum lifting capacity when the two hooks work together.


The small height can reduce the requirements for the height of the factory building. When designing a new factory building, the space can be designed smaller, which is convenient for operations in many industries and is welcomed by the industry. The light weight can reduce the load capacity of the plant. The smaller plant means that the initial construction investment and long-term heating, air conditioning and other maintenance costs can save a considerable amount of money. The limit is small, which can increase the working space of the crane.



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