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Rail mounted container gantry crane

A container gantry crane is used for lifting container at port cargo.
  • RMG

  • Dowell

  • 40.5t under sling

  • On request

  • 2years

  • Schneider or siemens

  • 30-40m or on request


  • 0-20m/min

  • 60m/min

  • 100m/min

RMG Rail mounted container gantry crane

Rail mounted container gantry crane consists of main stern, rigid and flexible door legs, running trolley, hoisting mechanism, cart running mechanism, electrical system, operating cab and so on.
usage: Orbital container gantry cranes are mainly used for container handling, handling and stacking of container railway transfer yards and large container storage yards.
 High efficiency, make full use of yard, high automatic;  

► Few fault, lower energy consumption, low cost;

► Wide span, can step astride 14 or more containers;

► Can stow 5 to 6 floors containers;

► Make full use of yard, so that it can store more containers;

 Simple structure, easy maintenance, reliable operating;

► Electric drive, save energy;

► Crane travels along the rail, not flexible, working range is limited;

► Applied to stacking area and greater throughput of container port.


gantry-crane1 gantry-crane


Production processing 

Dowellcrane has a professional production line, It has a strict quality control from raw metarial to finished product. We'd like you could visit our factory and will show the art of production. If you want to know more about container crane, please contact us.

Parameter table
Lifting capacity t Under the spreader 35
span m 30
Lifting Height 16
Working class
Speed Hoisting main m/min 20', 40' container
Aux 0~10
Travelling of trolley 50~80
Travelling of crane 30~50
Power Supply
3-phaseA.C.50HZ 380V

Container crane delivery and packing

▶ Hoist and electric parts will be packed by plywood crate, for avoiding the demage from goods crash and impact during the delivery.

▶ Girders and other main parts will be packed by plastic woven cloth, for preventing rust from soppy condition during the transportation.

▶ Only the best transport solution will be taken for saving your cost uttermost on finance, security and time.






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