Introduction of Portal Crane

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Introduction of Portal Crane

Introduction of Portal Crane

Harbour portal crane adopts advanced design concepts at home and abroad, based on standardized and modular design, with modern condition monitoring system and control system, with reasonable structure layout, safe and reliable use, good operating performance, high operating efficiency, convenient maintenance and other characteristics, covering the whole application industry, a complete range, It is a typical door engine widely used in major ports and has been successfully applied to many users at home and abroad.

Harbour portal cranes have a large span and are used for marshalling and stacking containers. The crane operates across groups of containers, lifting and lowering containers as needed.

The portal base running along the ground track is provided with a slewing boom, which has four cooperative working mechanisms, namely lifting, rotating, amplifying and running.

Railway trains or other vehicles can pass under the door seat, and can be used for vehicle and ship loading and unloading and transfer and direct fetching operations. Some ships, such as container ships with their own loading and unloading machines, are also equipped with such cranes.

Features of Portal Crane

  • The working mechanism has a high movement speed.

  • The rated lifting capacity range is very wide

  • High efficiency.

  • The structure is three-dimensional. It does not take up much space in the wharf cargo yard. It has a tall mast and a longer outrigger, so it has a larger lifting height and working range, which can meet the mechanized loading and unloading, reloading and full loading of ships and vehicles in the port wharf. Requirements for using the venue

  • The cost is high. A lot of steel is needed, a large power supply is required, generally the wheel pressure is relatively large, a solid foundation is required, and there are many ancillary equipment, such as substations and cables.



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