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Rail Mounted Floating Dock Sea Port Portal Crane

load: 5-74t
max lifting height: 32m
max arm radius: 20-50m
  • MQ
  • Dowell
  • 5-74t
  • 30+15m
  • 2years
  • Schneider or siemens
  • 30 KN - 320 KN
  • cabin
  • CE/ISO9001/SGS
ship to shore container&cargo loading&unloading portal crane


Port or harbour portal crane is used for loading and discharging cargos from ships or shipbuilding. It is suitable at various of ports and shipyards with the help of hook, hanger, grab, container spreader etc. 

► Electric control eauilibrum system is applied to avoid overload of switching and lift mechanism,as a result of which,the outage rate can be reduced.

► The four bar linkage mechanism is optimized by dynamics siftware.When luffing ,the horizontal move of load is ensured,the transmission angle is increased and pressure angle reduced,by which,the service lift of four linkage mechanism is increased.

► The luffing mobile counterweight is adopted so that when operation,the upsetting moment caused by load is minimized and the service life if revolving support is increased.

ship to shore container&cargo loading&unloading portal crane


Packing & Delivery terms:

 Hoist and electric parts will be packed by plywood crate, for avoiding the demage from goods crash and impact during the delivery.

▶ Girders and other main parts will be packed by plastic woven cloth, for preventing rust from soppy condition during the transportation.

 Only the best transport solution will be taken for saving your cost uttermost on finance, security and time.



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