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small portable gantry crane

mini A-frame portable Workshop Gantry Crane, also known as: light gantry crane, small gantry crane. It has a weight of up to 5000 kg.
  • SD- portable gantry crane
  • Dowell
*It is a mobile light gantry crane. Where the use of hanging cranes can not be or not economical places can be easily used.
Products Description
*Light gantry cranes can be simply split into several easy-to-transport parts and can be quickly assembled in another place of use, a feature that is good for many occasions.
Small/mini A-frame portable Workshop Gantry Crane are suitable for use in warehouses, logistics, workshops, and empty, no power supply. It is easy to use where the crane can not be used or not. At the same time, we also carry out a variety of national standard production and non-standard design, to provide you with the best solution.
Product Paramenters
Mobile Mini Gantry Crane
Capacity (ton)
Span (m)
2-12 (as your require)
Height (m)
1-10 (as your require)
Lifting equipment
Manual/Electric wire rope or Chain hoist
380V 50HZ 3P or As Required
 * The specific weight of this product shall be subject to the actual negotiation.
*Portable gantry crane safety devices
1.Crane traveling limit switch
2.Weight overload protection device
3.Lifting height limit device
4.Voltage lower protection function Phase
5.sequence protection function
6.Emergency stop function
7.Rain cover for outside hoist, driving units, electrical cubicle.
8.Warning indicator: flashing lights and warning sound.
9.Wireless infra-detector for anti-collusion
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Installation Instructions


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