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single girder workshop gantry crane price

span: 10.5-31.5m
lifting height: 5-20m
Lifting capacity: 1-32ton
Hoist lifting speed: 8m/min
Crane travelling speed: 20m/min

  • MH
  • Dowell
  • 1-32t
  • 10.5-31.5m
  • 5-20m
  • 24 Months
  • 20m/min
  • 20m/min
  • wireless remote
  • Outdoor
  • 8m/min

Basic introduce:

4.8 (4)
          Single girder gantry crane is consisted with gantry frame, main girder, legs, slide sill, lifting mechanism, travelling mechanism, and electric box. Widely used in workshop, storage, port and hydroelectric power station and some other outdoor place. 
          Single girder gantry crane is used together with CD MD model electric hoist. It is a track travelling small and medium-sized crane. Its proper lifting weight is 3.2 to 32 tons. proper span is 12 to 30 meters its proper working temperature is -20℃to 40℃.

parts details:


            Single girder gantry crane is widely used in manufacturing industry such as Glass, steel, paper, pipes tubes, shipbuilding and Freight yard.materials stocks to lift goods or materials. 

Features and Advantages: 

1. Reasonable structure 
2. Maximum lifting height 
3. Low noise, low cost maintenance, Ideal performance 
4. Safe and reliable operation 
5. Smaller wheel pressure of heavy duty single girder gantry crane. 

Safety devices :

1. Weight overload protection device.   
2. Top quality long time bearing polyurethane materials buffer. 
3. Crane  traveling  limit switch. 
4. Voltage lower protection function. 
5. Emergency stop system. 
6. Current overload protection system and so on


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