single girder overhead crane, C hook Delivery to Ethiopia

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single girder overhead crane, C hook Delivery to Ethiopia

single girder overhead crane, C hook Delivery to Ethiopia

In August,1, this Ethiopia customer send his enquiry by our website.

inquire Inquiry notice ! ! !

If you want to inquire about our overhead crane , please confirm with us the details as below. Then we will quote you a suitable price more quickly.

1.  Lift capacity (3t 5t 10t or others) ?2. Span  (3m 5m 9m or others) ?
3. Lift height (Warehouse width) ?
4. Power supply in your local (380V/50HZ/3Phase or others) ?
5. Nearest port ?
6. What kind of goods will this crane lift ?

Within the next week, the customer tell me his specific parameters in our help. so we got he has a big factory. Therefore, he has a great demand for cranes. According to his plant construction and working conditions, we recommend him to buy 5t span 15m single girder overhead crane, 20t 19m double girder overhead crane, KPJ 10t transfer cart, and 20t hook.

After three weeks, we got the factory's product completion notice. So in last weekend, our manager JUNE went to changyuan, xinxiang and assist to complete delivery.

This pictures are photoed by JUNE.


KPJ 10t transfer cart


electric transfer cart


KPJ 10t transfer cart


overhead crane girder packaging


overhead crane part packing


overhead crane part packaging



single girder overhead crane actuator


*if you have any need, please contact us asap.



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