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Truss type single girder gantry crane

load: 1-32t
span: 10.5-31.5m
lifting height: 30m
  • MH
  • Dowell
  • 1-32t
  • 10.5-31.5m
  • 5-20m
  • 24 Months
  • 20m/min
  • 20m/min
  • wireless remote
  • Outdoor
  • 8m/min
Truss type single girder gantry crane 



▶ Truss type single gider gantry crane is used outdoor where is often windy.
▶ MH model single girder gantry crane is matched with CD1/MD1 model wire rope electric hoist.it is a kind of track travelling MID-duty class gantry crane.
▶ The capacity of this gantry crane from 3ton to 32ton, the span from 6m to 35m, the working temperature within -20-- +40 centigrade.
▶ This gantry crane is commonly used gantry crane, it is used in outside yard or warehouse for loading/unloading and moving materials. from one mode to another. 
▶  The control model are  pendant pushbutton control, cabin control or remote control for choice.
▶ The duty class of this gantry crane is A3(Equal to FEM 1Bm).

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Truss type single girder gantry crane prodution line
single gider gantry crane

Packing & Delivery terms:

▶ Hoist and electric parts will be packed by plywood crate, for avoiding the demage from goods crash and impact during the delivery.

▶ Girders and other main parts will be packed by plastic woven cloth, for preventing rust from soppy condition during the transportation.

▶ Only the best transport solution will be taken for saving your cost uttermost on finance, security and time.



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