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Launcher girder erection crane machine

Rated Loading Capacity: 50t-200t
Max. Lifting Height: 32m
  • QJQ

  • Dowell

  • 50-200t

  • 32m

  • 2years


  • others

  • 30m

  • Siemens

  • Henan province, China

Launcher girder erection crane machine

 This Machine is used for erecting concrete box girders for high speed (250km,350km) passenger railway lines. This machine is suitable for equal span girders or different span girders which can be 20m, 24m and 32m . The rear part has two supports. One of the supports is "C" shape column with rotary and foldable technology. The “C” shape column technology saved the traverse space during traveling and which enables to travel through tunnels with the girder transfer vehicle.


► Crane girder:

The crane girder is of welded girder construction. This result in lower dead weight with a high degree of vertical and horizontal rigidity and small wheel loads being transmitted to the crane runway!

► Safety features:

    · Overload protection: If the material is over the capacity, the crane will give a sharp warning for protection itself.

    · Emergency brake: If the operation staff encounter some emergency situation, we could start the emergency brake system to protection the related treasure.

   · Control Method: Room control or remote control to avoid any injure to the operation staff

    · Main lifting motor: with thermal protection and currency protection.

► Design and construction rules:

     All the standards which is required for the crane is the Chinese standard.

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