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Hydropower station gantry crane

Product name: Hyropower station gantry crane.
Usage: Lifting gate.
Max Capacity: 630 ton.
Working site: Hydropower station.
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Hydropower station gantry crane

Hydropwer station gantry crane is one kind of gantry crane, and it consists of main beam, leg, winch,and other parts. This special gantry crane is mounted on Hydropwer station and used some large scale water supply and drainage, water conservancy and hydropower engineering and other places.

This type Hydropower gantry crane often be used for lifting the gate at hydropower station.

Feature of gantry crane

Max Capacity:630 Ton
Span: on your request
Lifting Height: 28m (5-10m Up rail)
Speed 1.57 m/min or on your request
Control Method: Remote and Cabin Control
Power Source and Painting Color as your demands
According to your specific usage, specific model and design will offer.

Dowellcrane will supply one complete design scheme for you, Contact us now. And we could supply some cases of hydropwer station gantry crane for you reference.

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