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Heavy duty Double girder gantry crane for sale

Span: 10.5-40m
Lifting height: 5-20m
max lifting height: 30m
Long travelling speed: 47.1m/min
Crane travelling speed: 44.6m/min

  • MG
  • Dowell
  • 5-300t
  • 10.5-40m
  • 5-20m
  • 3 years
  • 47.1m/min
  • 44.6m/min
  • cabin
  • Outdoor


Basic introduce:

Double girder Gantry Crane are made up of bridge, trolley, crane traveling mechanism and electric system. All the procedures are finished in the operating room. Applies to the open warehouse or rail along for general handling and lifting work. Also can equipped with many lifting device for special work. According to the structure of the leg can be divided into A type, U type, L type, ect.  Double girder gantry crane  for sale are a type of crane built atop a gantry, which is a structure used to straddle an object or workspace.

parts details:



MG double girder gantry crane is ideal for outdoor applications.  MG type gantry crane is widely used in workshop, Metals, construction factory and so on. It’s so convenient for steel transport and other goods transfer.  

Features and Advantages: 

1. Having a professional engineer group. Designing what you want.
2. Designing a reasonable scheme according to your working environment.
3. Maximum lifting height.
4. Low noise, low cost maintenance, Ideal performance.
5. Safe and reliable operation.

Safety devices :

  1 Overload Limiter Limit Switch (Lifting and Traveling) Short-circuit protection.
2.  Interlock protection device Under-voltage protection Buffer Zero protection.
3.  Rail tongs, Anchor device  and  Motor overload protection.
4.  Rail clear plate  and e mergency stop system. 
5.  Protective cover   and c urrent overload protection system.
6.  Bus Bar  prevent  plate  and s ecurity chain protection.
7.  Anti-collision device  and g round protection.

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