European Model Bridge Crane

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European Model Bridge Crane

Introduction of European Model Bridge Crane

Advantages of European Type Bridge CraneEuropean type bridge crane is a medium and high-end bridge crane. It is a summary of domestic crane users. Domestic cranes are reliable, versatile, and low in price. Combined with advanced European crane technology, they have the characteristics of compact structure, light weight, energy saving, and low noise. , according to the use characteristics of China, the requirements for gantry cranes are a clear market demand and a new definition of high-end gantry cranes.The European-style crane is based on the European lightweight and modular design concept and advanced manufacturing technology, so that the whole crane has a compact structure, stable operation, light weight, low height, energy saving and consumption reduction, which greatly reduces the construction cost of the crane operation plant and the crane. Reduce operating costs and improve the overall quality and operating performance of the crane. European-style cranes will become the mainstream of crane development trends and market demand.

Advantages of European Type Bridge Crane

European type bridge crane products have light weight, small equipment net height, large working range, high-quality components, strict manufacturing quality control, and cost-effective products that are safe, reliable, excellent in performance, and less in maintenance. Compared with traditional industrial cranes, the main advantages of European cranes can be divided into the following aspects:

1. Reduce customer investment, make full use of plant space, and improve production efficiency

2. Good combination, many specifications and complete product series, which can cover most of the needs of customers

3. Safe and reliable, advanced design concept, mature technology to ensure product design

4. Advanced control technology and high-quality key components ensure excellent performance of the crane

5. Reliable performance, low failure rate, lower use and later maintenance costs



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