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Electric Hoist Semi Single Girder Gantry Crane

Max. Lifting Height: 30m
cantilever length: 0-15m
Trolley running speed: 20-40M/MIN
Lifting speed: 5-15M/MIN
  • BMH
  • Dowell
  • 6m-30m
  • 5-20m
  • 0-15m
  • 5-15M/MIN
  • 20-40M/MIN
  • 1T,2T,3T,5T,10T,16T,20T
  • cabin control/wire rope remote control
  • 3 phase 380V 50hz or request
  • According to customer requirements
Electric Hoist Semi Single Girder Gantry Crane 

Semi-gantry crane is used together with CD MD model electric hoist. It is track travelling small and medium sized crane. Its proper lifting capacity is 2 to 10 tons. proper span is 10 to 20 meters, Its proper working temperature is -20℃to 40℃.
Semi-gantry crane is a regular crane widely used at open ground and warehouses to load and unload. 


Company Strength:

Henan Dowell Crane Co.,Ltd. is a company specializing in the production and processing of single and double beam cranes, gantry cranes, European cranes, crane accessories, production and sales, with a complete and scientific quality management system. Henan Dowell Crane Co.,Ltd.'s integrity, strength and product quality have been recognized by the industry.


Package And Delivery:


Please let us know the data so that we can confirm your needs as soon as possible!

1. Lifting capacity.
2. Span (rail center to rail center)
3. Lifting height (hook center grounding)
4. Whether external suspension is required (please provide the length of external suspension)
5. Do you need guide rails and cables? (please provide running length)
6. Other special requirements


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