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Diesel winch

Capacity: 1-30T
Rope capacity:: 50~ 1000m
Rated speed: 9.5 m/min
Working class:M3
Warranty: 3 Years

  • JMC
  • Dowell
  • Electric, 3AC 380V 50Hz or customized
  • 1-30T
  • 9.5 m/min
  • 50~ 1000m
  • 2 Years
  • Wire Rope
  • Towing Line/lifting
  • customized

Diesel winch Main Detail:


basic introduce:

Diesel winch is slow speed diesel engine driven gear winch; It is mainly used for hoisting, drag-and-drop, loading cargos, such as all kinds of large concrete construction, steel constructions installation and disassembly; The winches are applied to construction company, mine, factory and other installation engineering projects company.

This series winch is mainly used for large and oversize concrete construction of steel installation and disassembly of mechanical equipment. This structural characteristic is wire rope orderly arrangement lifting is safe and reliable. It is suitable for bridge port and road and bridge engineering and large factories and mines engineering equipments installation.

Partial Details:

Diesel 10 ton WINCH

Payment Method:

Here show you the approximate EXW price of our product for your preview. This price just for reference for your budget, if any interest please click "More" to see detailed price sheet.

Load capacity  Rope length

50m 100m 200m 300m 500m 1000m
1t US$850.00  US$950.00  US$1250.00  US$1450.00  US$1850.00  US$2250.00 
2t US$1550.00  US$1750.00  US$2000.00  US$2350.00  US$2700.00  US$3050.00 
3t US$2250.00  US$2650.00  US$3050.00  US$3350.00  US$3850.00  US$4150.00 
5t US$3250.00  US$3550.00  US$3850.00  US$4250.00  US$4750.00  US$5150.00 
10t US$5850.00  US$6250.00  US$6650.00  US$7050.00  US$7450.00  US$7850.00 
20t US$13000.00 US$14500.00 US$16500.00 US$18500.00 US$20500.00 US$22500.00
30t US$15000.00 US$16500.00 US$18000.00 US$19500.00 US$21000.00 US$24500.00

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