A 200 ton Double Gantry Crane Will Start Production

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A 200 ton Double Gantry Crane Will Start Production

A 200 ton Double Gantry Crane Will Start Production

In October 2021, a customer from Pakistan contacted our salesman and put forward the need to purchase electric flat cars and gantry crane. The electric flat car purchased by the customer completed the transaction earlier this year. Affected by the progress of the project, the procurement of gantry cranes has been postponed to 2022.

In August 2022, the salesman and the customer got in touch again. The customer expressed that he would like to carry out the procurement plan of the 200 ton double girder gantry crane. Regarding product parameters, shipping methods, payment methods, etc., we have communicated with customers in detail. After confirming these information, we sign a contract with the client. And after receiving the advance payment, we will arrange the production.

This is our second cooperation with this customer. We will strictly control the production process of the product to ensure the quality, and live up to the customer's recognition and trust in Dowell Crane.



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