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25 ton Double girder overhead crane price

Span: 10.5~31.5m
Lifting height: 3m -30m
Rated Loading Capacity: 5-320tons
Working System: A3-A7

  • QD
  • 5-320tons
  • 10.5~31.5m
  • 3m -30m
  • overhead crane, gantry crane
  • A3-A7

basic introduce:

           Double girder overhead crane is similar with single girder bridge crane, which includes a trolley, electric appliance , bridge frame, small and large car running mechanism. Double beam overhead crane firstly adopts honeybomb beam design, which has light weight, large loading capacity and strong wear resistance. Double girder bridge crane adopts unique steel pin connection, which is not only solid and reliable, but also has short assembly time. 

Partial Details:

Features and Advantages: 

1. Appearance: compact size, building headroom low light self-weight. 
2. Adapt to the environment: mechanical processing workshop, metallurgical plant auxiliary workshops, warehouses, the field and power stations of transport, assembly and maintenance and handling. 
3. Working temperature: - 25 degrees ~ 40 degrees. 
4. Banned items: banned in inflammable, explosive, corrosive environment in use. 
5. Classification: light and medium. 
6. Operating methods: The ground operation and in the driver's cabin. 
7. The cabin: Open-style and closed style 

Note: It’s not suitable for lifting blazing & melting metal or toxicant as well as explosion- proof or insulating working conditions. ety Device 


Safety device:

1. Top quality longtime bearing polyurethane materials buffer 
2. Lifting limit switch and traveling limit switch 
3. Current overload protection system 
4. Voltage lower protection function 
5. Emergency stop system 
6. Zero voltage protection 
7. Weight overload limiter



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Technical Data
Lifting Capacity T 3t 5t 10t 16t 20t
Span m 10.5~31.5m
Speed Lifting CD1 hoist m/min 8 7 3.5 6
MD1 hoist 8/0.8 7/0.7 3.5/0.35 6/0.6
Traveling of hoist 20
Traveling of crane 20/30
Operational Model Cabin; remote control; ground handle
Working Duty A3
Power Supply  380V, 50Hz 3phase or on your requst


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