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Double girder gantry crane

Double girder gantry crane

double-girder-gantry-crane Product description:
 Ordinary double girder gantry crane are mostly box-type and truss-type structures and are the most widely       used. It can handle all kinds of articles and bulk materials, with a weight of less than 100 tons and a span of    4  to 39 meters. Ordinary gantry cranes with grabs have a higher working level. Common gantry cranes  mainly  refer to hooks, grabs, electromagnetic, hoist gantry cranes, and also include half-gantry cranes.
 Design  advantages:
 Uses: Mainly used for loading and unloading operations of outdoor freight yards, stockyards and bulk  cargoes.
 Features: High site utilization, large operating range, wide adaptability, versatility, etc.
 Lifting level: Divided into eight levels A1 ~ A8. Generally equivalent to: A1-A4-light; A5-A6-medium; A7-  heavy, A8-extra heavy.


Common parameters:
Lifting capacity main t 10 16 20 32 50 75 100
Aux   3.2 5 5 10 20 20
span m 18 22 26 30 35 18 22 26 30 35 18 22 26 30 35 18 22 26 30 35 30 35 40 16
Lifting Height main 11 12 12 12 Above rail 15.Max.22 22
Aux   16 14 14 Above rail 15.9.Max.24 17.5
Power Supply 50HZ 380V-phase AC 380V 50HZ
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Product transportation:

Our client visited our factory  from Russia
The clients are from Russia. They have a project for steel plant workshop. They come to our factory and ask some questions about technical.Our engineer tell them details info at site for workshop enviroment,application, usage and so on.Our client know more detials of our products.Final, They decide to sign a draft contract at that time.Finally, We sign contract for 50ton gantry crane.

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