Widely Use Single Girder Overhead Crane

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Widely Use Single Girder Overhead Crane

Single Girder Overhead Crane Description

The single girder overhead crane is characterized in that the electric hoist or manual monorail trolley runs along the lower flange of the main girder I-beam to carry out material handling operations. It is usually used for material handling operations such as workshops and warehouses, and manual single-girder cranes are used in situations where electricity is not allowed or no power supply is allowed. It can also be used for bulk material handling in conjunction with motorized grabs or monorail grabs. The crane is compact in structure and flexible in operation, and can be used for both ground operation and cab operation. In case of special requirements, remote control operation is also possible. It is an indispensable equipment for industrial production or storage and transportation.

Single Girder Overhead Crane Features
  • The equipment structure adopts box-shaped main beam gantry structure and is equipped with a small tonnage electric hoist.

  • The cart has fast running speed and high production efficiency, which is suitable for lifting and traversing of small tonnage goods.

  • It can be equipped with different spreaders to meet the lifting requirements of different occasions.

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