What should to do When the crane body fractures?

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What should to do When the crane body fractures?

Longtime in the engineering technical personnel in crane will not be unfamiliar, crane as large lifting equipment, bear the vast weight of material transportation, is engineering, construction can not or lack of one of the equipment, crane such as important equipment, Its operation and maintenance is also one of our normal work, so sometimes we will face some difficult problems, such as crane one fuselage fractures should be how to do? Here are small make up to help you.

Crane fuselage cracked, this time for the crane can achieve the purpose of the use for a long time, we first look at the factors affecting it.

Wind effects. Crane is likely to be in the open air under the condition of operation, the whole weathered, coupled with the role of the wind makes the crane in the process of the blocked by certain wind. Once the wind is too large, the role of crane operation while also withstand wind, carry the load will increase, beyond the bearing capacity of machinery, strong machinery will have the shaking moment again, once the mechanical overload fuselage there is crack and fracture may occur.

Occurrence crackle is likely to be at the time of manufacturing because of lack of forward-looking design, without considering the strong and durable machinery is need of prevention. Crane's body was strengthened can reduce the number of bridge crane girder damage degree.

Bridge crane installed undeserved can cause corrosion and damage for a long time. So when installing the peace should also pay more attention to check, mechanical maintenance is essential to focus on. Because of the bridge crane under long time use, will be affected by different degree of corrosion, if combined with certain impact force, crack will appear. So at the time of inspection should pay attention to add lubricating oil, reduce friction, delay the service life of the crane.



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