What key points need to pay attention to when using crane motor and safety technical requirements

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What key points need to pay attention to when using crane motor and safety technical requirements

Lifting motor when using the matters needing attention

(1) pay attention to the load current of the motor, shall not exceed the nameplate rating, as for three-phase ac, also should pay attention to whether the three phase current is symmetrical, difference should not exceed 10%.

(2) pay attention to the change of the power supply voltage, to the deviation of value and the motor rated voltage value in plus or minus 5%. Within the scope. As for the three-phase ac, also asked that the basic symmetry of three-phase voltage, the difference should not be more than 5%, the frequency for rating shall be maintained.

(3) pay attention to the motor heating situations of each part, is now more than the prescribed limit, in order to take timely measures. When touch cast iron chassis appearance, handle, caused by different temperature as a reference for whether motor overheating.

(4) pay attention to the presence of abnormal vibration and noise of the motor and anxious burnt smell.

(5) the motor in operation, if found any abnormal phenomenon, and failed to timely find out the reason to eliminate, or personal accident occurred during operation, must keep calm, and immediately cut off the power supply, for inspection or rescue.


When using safety technical requirements

(1) the motor in the rotation, to prevent water, such as oil immersed inside the motor. Inspection window cover and junction box cover.

(2) the motor temperature rise don't exceed the nameplate or will accelerate insulation aging and shorten the service life, and even burning motor, so the temperature monitoring must be strengthened.

(3) the dust of the motor and oil dirties often should clean and wipe clean. But shall not be swabbed with liquids such as gasoline, oil, kerosene to motor windings.

(4) the motor voltage is no lower than 80% of its rated voltage power supply. Because  motor torque and voltage is proportional to square, Namely, when the voltage is a little low, the torque is reduced a lot. If the load on the motor shaft unchanged, over load operation of motor will, over time, may burn out motor.

(5) Regularly check the abrasion of carbon brush,and examine whether the spring pressure is normal, slip ring any burn mark and so on.



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