What do you use to control the crane and its functions?

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What do you use to control the crane and its functions?

The wireless remote control is used when it is inconvenient to tie on the crane. In applications where the operator must bypass the object to ensure correct positioning (e.g. truck maintenance facilities), the remote control allows one operator to do two people's work. In facilities that move long items, the remote control allows the operator to balance the end of the load without the need for additional personnel. By improving reliability, increasing safety and reducing costs, we find that more and more cranes are ordering remote controls.

Although remote control becomes more reliable and less expensive, a separate garland for the pendant allows the operator to stand anywhere on the length of the crane while operating it. The cables extend on a second separate colorful track. This is important when rotating long items or operators have to lift or walk in congested areas from service stations or trucks while maintaining hardwired control of the crane.



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