What are the changeable characteristics of load of electric single beam crane?

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What are the changeable characteristics of load of electric single beam crane?

In the process of operation, the electric single beam crane must bear various loads (such as static load, dynamic load, alternating load, impact load, vibration load, etc.). In the process of operation, the complexity of bearing load is not only reflected in the variety of load types, but also shows changeable characteristics with the different working conditions.

Dynamic load: it is the dynamic load effect produced by electric single beam crane when its motion state changes. It is an important basis for strength calculation and also has influence on fatigue calculation. When the equipment works, when the motion state changes, the dynamic load effect increases the original static load value, and the increased part is the dynamic load. The dynamic load includes the inertia load caused by the self weight of the structure and the lifting load in the variable speed movement; the impact load caused by the impact of the wheel on the buffer due to the uneven track joint or moving part; the vibration load caused by the inertia load and impact load to the elastic system of the metal structure and mechanism.

Static load: when the electric single beam crane is in static state or stable operation state, the single beam suspension crane is only subject to the static load of self weight load and lifting load. Self weight load includes the gravity of metal structure, mechanical equipment, electrical equipment of crane, storage or conveyor attached to equipment and materials on it. Lifting load refers to the gravity of all lifting masses, including the maximum effective items allowed to be lifted, taking device (such as pulley block, hook, lifting beam, grab, container, lifting electromagnet, etc.), hanging winding parts, and other weight reserves during lifting.



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