Use gantry crane box girder hanging matters needing attention

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Use gantry crane box girder hanging matters needing attention

1. Before the gantry crane is ready to be hoisted, we must first check whether all the agencies and spare parts are properly installed, the links are solid, and so on. Only when we are sure that everything is safe will we be able to carry out hoisting work.

2, the process of the spreader decentralization, the spreader and the rigid box girder connection point, we use the flexible link wire rope, so the connection between the spreader and hanging point is a very convenient thing.

3, in the process of lifting, we use the horizontal measuring crane to detect whether the lifting process of rigid box girders force evenly, the torque of each lifting point is equal, once found which lifting point force uneven situation, first through the gantry crane Winch to adjust the wire rope, if the adjustment is unsuccessful, we must immediately stop the lifting work, to be adjusted before lifting again.

4, during the lifting process, in order to prevent the steel box girder swing in the process of swing too much, we generally use the hand chain hoist above the beam, its control.


5, in the gantry crane leg offset we set the wind cable, in order to strengthen the gantry crane lateral brake.

6, the lifting work seems to hang together, in fact, this work is sloppy at all, when we are lifting the steel box girder to mid-air, we must carefully check whether there is any loose between the spreader and hanging point , The danger of slippage, check whether the orbit of the gantry crane is sinking, and so on.

7, from start to finish, gantry crane work speed we must control at about 8m / min, can not appear speeding situation.

8. In the process of lifting the rigid box girder, in order to prevent the wind and seismic forces from adversely affecting the swinging of the steel box girder, we must exercise limited control over the place without any protection.



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