The weight of the 900-ton beam-lifting launcher machine itself is very heavy

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The weight of the 900-ton beam-lifting launcher machine itself is very heavy

Since the weight of the 900-ton beam-lifting launcher machine itself is very heavy, according to the inertia, it can be understood that once it is operated, the inertia will be large. In the safe operating specification of the 900 ton beam hoist, it is required to prohibit sudden braking during operation. From a safety point of view, this is very scientific, because if the brakes are braked immediately, the entire 900 ton beam-lifting machine will generate high torque due to strong inertia, which is very deadly for the gearbox system. In severe cases, the drive shaft can distort or even deform the entire beam machine.


   A sudden sudden braking can also cause a violent impact on the gear coupling system, causing an accident and seriously affecting the motor. Therefore, the use of a 900 ton beam hoist must be an operator. Be careful before each use and put safety in an earlier position. If you find that certain areas do not meet safety requirements, do not force work and send it to company personnel. The manufacturer performs maintenance to ensure safe use.


   Electrical protection. An emergency power switch should be placed on the beam hoist to check if the main power can be switched off. Thoroughly check the power supply and various mechanisms of the 900-ton beam-lifting machine. It has the functions of voltage loss protection, magnetic protection, short-circuit protection and zero protection. After long-term use, it must be stopped immediately after checking the fault. Technicians will carry out inspections and repairs to eliminate potential hazards. Do not operate the faulty machine.


   Lift the cab. First, check the stability of the cab support connection and the stability of the suspension. Secondly, ensure that the door locks and door electrical interlock switches in the cab, insulated floor and dry powder fire extinguishers are complete; at the same time, high noise should be checked for strong radiation, toxic and dusty girders to see if they enhance protection. Sex to protect the health of the driver.



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