The use of hoisting machinery requirements

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The use of hoisting machinery requirements

Although there are many kinds of hoisting machinery, lifting the diversity of objects, but there are some of the most basic and universal safety technical requirements.

1, Each hoisting machinery driver have to go through training, assessment qualified, and hold certificate to operate.

2, When the driver change shifts, should check the brake, hooks, wire rope and safety device. Performance found abnormal, should be excluded before operation.

3, Before driving, must ring the bell or alarm. When close to the person in operation, we should also ring the bell or give an alarm.

4, The operation should be performed according to the command signal. Hear the emergency stop signal, whether who issued shall be executed immediately.

5, After confirming there is no person on the crane or its surroundings,we can close the main power supply. If the power cut-off device locked or there are signs, we should remove them form  it, then, close the power supply by the relevant personnel.

6, We should make all the controller handles at zero before closing the main power supply.

7, Work suddenly loses power, all the controller handles back should be zero; Before back to work, should check whether the crane operation is normal.

8, The crane work on the orbit open-air homework at the end of the crane should be anchored. When Wind power is greater than at level 6, generally should stop working, and anchor crane. For door crane crane, working in coastal wind power greater than magnitude 7, should stop working, and anchor crane.

9, When the driver maintain the crane, should cut off the main power supply, and put up signs or lock; Must be charged when repaired, should be insulated with insulating gloves, shoes, using tools, with insulated handle and watched.



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