The use of hoisting machinery requirements(二)

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The use of hoisting machinery requirements(二)

When one of the following circumstances, the driver should not operate:

(1)When overload or object weight is not clear, not hanging;

(2) When the signal is not clear don't lift up;

(3) Bound, Hang not firm, or imbalance may cause sliding ,not hanging;

(4) When biting or floating , not hunging;

(5)Structures or components have an impact on security defects or damage, such as brake or safety device failure, the structure of the hook nut device damage, damage to scrap wire rope standard , not hanging;

(6) In case of pulling force of embedment, not hanging;

(7)  When Cable-Stayed the weight, not hanging;

(8) When work place dark, unable to see the site, suspended matter and command signals, not hanging;

(9) Weight edges and corners are in a bind without padding between wire rope, not hanging;

(10) When steel (iron) package too full , not hanging.



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