The top ten common sense of hoisting machine operator!

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The top ten common sense of hoisting machine operator!

Every year, due to carelessness, mistakes in operation, and lack of common sense in lifting industry, how can we reduce or even avoid tragedy?

I have summarized the common knowledge of ten hoisting machine operators:

1. Safe position

During the lifting operations, under the boom, hanging down, suspended substance before lifting area, guide pulley steel rope triangle, fast line, standing in the suspension hook, or around the guide pulley stress direction and is very dangerous, and very difficult to escape danger. Therefore, the station of staff is very important, not only oneself should always pay attention, but also need to remind each other, check the implementation, in case of the accident.

2. In the demolition work, it is necessary to predict the various factors encountered.

For example, the value of the object is estimated, the integrity of the cutting is complete, the removal of the parts is increased by the pressure, and the connection part is forced to lift without inspection.

3. Correct cognitive work environment.

During the hoisting machinery operations, there are some people, depends on the used rule of thumb, led to the replacement of the working environment, or the limitation of operation conditions, without a clear cognition, jump start, causing the accident.

4. Timely check and repair tools.

In some cases, in order to quickly completed, often omit check the operation condition of equipment, or out of the attitude of the cost savings, using incomplete homework, such not only harm the safety of the consumer, will himself in danger.

5. The construction plan is out of step with the actual operation.

Main show is the content is not complete, lack of necessary data or construction methods do not tally with the actual operation situation, make the construction plan to cope with the superior check pass, but did not play the role of guiding the construction.

6. Safety measures are not in place.

Such as on the crane beam homework, not enough contact crane driver in advance to confirm or crown the driver is busy making mistakes of wrong operation, due to not take warning flag hanging, warning lights, set up a gear and other measures, the crane suddenly appeared, construction personnel to avoid not as good as an accident.

Use hemp rope as a safety rope.

Because the bearing capacity of hemp rope is far less than the steel rope, and rope in daily vulnerable to damage and reduce the storage and use of tensile resistance, so the use function not safety rope as a safety rope, instead, make the person produces psychological dependence and cause an accident.

8. There are loopholes in the balance between the process handover and multi-unit construction process.

If some structures or platform class demolished but work handover is not clear, zhang SAN can build the shed here fifty and don't know, a unit cutting off the platform beam and b units continue to weight on the platform, as a result causes temporary support overload. As a result, the problem occurred, and I don't know what happened.

Eliminate mistakes.

Hoisting operation is different from a lot of construction, involving large scale, often using different units, different types of cranes. The daily operation habit, performance, the difference of command signal and other factors are easy to cause misoperation, so be especially careful.

Don't work on porcelain without a diamond.



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