The right way to maintain electric flat car

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The right way to maintain electric flat car

The right way to maintain electric flat car battery:

1, Read random carry "instruction manual"

2, In the electric flat car battery in the process of use, maintenance, replacement, etc, to avoid contact with a heat source close to the more may not, at the same time to avoid battery exposure in the sun.

3, To prevent the "short circuit". Short circuit great harm to battery, circuit and other appliances, so regularly cleaned up on the surface of a battery, the circuit, electrical inspection and maintenance. When check the maintenance and cleaning, should wear insulating gloves, cleaning tools should be insulated.

4, Pay attention to the electric flat car battery charging "excessive". "Excessive charge" will accelerate the water loss of battery and board gate corrosion, shorten the service life of the battery. Although electric flat car is using automatic charging machine, automatic power off function, but it must be the machine, therefore, after the battery fully charged, to pull out the power supply in time

5, Prevent electric flat car battery connector become loose or unstable. Battery connector is loose, poor contact, can cause local fever, storage battery and circuit line consumption increase, the output voltage on the low side, shorten the service life of the battery. Electric flat car, in the process of transportation or use unavoidably produce vibration, the vibration will cause some loose fitting. Therefore, in the flat wagon before put into operation and use of a period of time, want to tighten fittings in time, to prevent loosening.

6, In the process of use, storage electric flat car, pay attention to the excessive discharge of battery. Although electric flat car equipped with themselves the under-voltage protection function, however, in the case of charging not in time, if you don't shut off the power, flat car electric equipment such as light, electricity meter is still in work, consumption of energy, time is a bit long, it will cause the battery "discharge" phenomenon, serious can make battery scrap. As a result, the electric flat car stopped, or charging, be sure to turn off the power supply in a timely manner.



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