The introduction of LH double beam bridge crane

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The introduction of LH double beam bridge crane

The LH type electric hoist double beam crane (crane, crane and crown block) is designed and manufactured in accordance with JB / t3695-1994 standard, and is used with CD1, MD1 and other forms of fixed electric hoist. The double beam bridge crane (crane, crane and crown block) with trolley running on the track laid by main beam is suitable for lifting capacity of 1-32t, applicable span of 7.5-31.5m and working environment temperature of - 25-40 ℃.

This product is a general crane, mainly used in machinery manufacturing, assembly, warehouse and other places with low applicable frequency or less rated lifting times. In use, it has better stability, makes full use of the clearance height of the workshop, and obtains higher effective lifting height at a moderate price. The crane is equipped with three remote control operation modes of bottom, control room, and the control room is also equipped with two modes of end face and side door opening for users to choose.



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