The hook of the crane is one of the key parts

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The hook of the crane is one of the key parts

The hook of the crane is one of the key parts

The hook is one of the key parts of the crane. The crane needs to carry a large weight and must meet the relevant requirements. In use, the hook is prone to breakage, which may cause casualties and property damage, causing major accidents. Therefore, in the maintenance of the crane, do not neglect the inspection of the hook.

Hook to meet the conditions

1. The hook needs to be produced by a regular manufacturer, meets the requirements of hook technical conditions and safety regulations, and has a quality certificate.

2. The new hook should be tested for load. The opening of the hook should not exceed 0.25% of the original opening.

3. Always check the hook for cracks or severe deformation, corrosion and wear during use.

4. The hook should be provided with a locking device to prevent accidental unhooking of the hanging object.

5. The hook should be replaced in time.

The main method of inspection of the hook is visual inspection, that is, careful observation with a magnifying glass. If necessary, you can use the coloring method or perform flaw detection. The amount of wear on the dangerous section can be measured with a caliper or with a caliper; the degree of opening is checked by comparing the measured dimension of the caliper with the original size or the opening of the standard hook.



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