The basic components of a bridge crane and its correct selection and use

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The basic components of a bridge crane and its correct selection and use

The overhead crane is generally composed of three parts: mechanical, electrical and metal structures. Its shape is like a single-span flat bridge with two ends supported on two parallel overhead rails. It can be roughly divided into a hoisting mechanism. Car running mechanism and cart running mechanism.


The metal structure part of the bridge crane mentioned above refers to the bridge frame and the small frame; and the electrical part includes electrical equipment and electrical lines. After reasonable configuration of each device, the bridge crane can be used not only for loading and unloading of open storage, stockyard, railway freight station, port terminal, etc., but also with a variety of special hooks for a variety of special operations. There are also relevant regulations regarding the selection of bridge cranes. Under normal circumstances, the lifting capacity is below 50t and the span is within 35m. The single-girder bridge crane is recommended without special requirements. If the door leg width is required, the working speed is high, or the heavy and long parts are often lifted, the double-girder gantry crane is required.


During the operation of the bridge crane, slipping sometimes occurs. In order to eliminate this undesirable phenomenon, it is necessary to first analyze the cause of the slippage and take corresponding measures according to different reasons. For example, the correct choice of bridge crane matching motor should not be too large; at the same time, the load capacity of the bridge crane and the bearing capacity of the wheel load should be calculated to ensure that the wheel has sufficient pressure on the wheel to the rail surface. In addition, it is necessary to properly control the start and brake time of the equipment.



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