Technical operation procedure of gantry crane

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Technical operation procedure of gantry crane

1. After passing the examination and holding the equipment operator, the operator shall operate. The operator must strictly abide by the relevant safety and succession system.

2. Before work, the oil should be filled in strict accordance with the lubrication regulations, and the oil content should be maintained properly, the oil road is unblocked, the oil mark (window) is eye-catching, and the oil cup is clean.

3, check the transmission device, operating mechanism, large car walk road wheel, drum, hook, pulley, shaft, such as presence of wire rope wear shaw and bad place, and on both sides of the crane orbit, - meters forbid parking any object. After the rain check the weight and track are good.

4. Check whether the signal bell, signal lamp and lighting equipment are perfect, test the lifting height and the walking limit switch, and whether the brake movements are sensitive and reliable.

5. When the lifting hook is placed at the lowest position, the wire rope should be at least two laps above the drum. Steel wire rope wear corrosion exceeds the surface steel wire diameter of 40%, burned down flat deformation, - break a share? Or, the number of broken wires in a single twist is 5% higher than that of the clockwise wire, and should be banned when the wire is about 10% of the wire.

6.When working, the driver only listens to one conductor. Drivers and commanders should have clear signal or audible signals. The driver should echo the sound signal before execution. If there is a danger or a crane fails, stop immediately, no matter who the "stop" signal is.

7. The first hook should be used to test the crane. When lifting the weight from the ground 200 mm, make the brake test and confirm that the hoisting is good and then work. In the process of movement, the lifting weight is higher than the movement of all objects 0.5 meters or more.

8. The lifting, starting and stopping of the crane shall be slow, and it is forbidden to change direction suddenly in operation. When the big, small car runs near the end, the application is slowest. It is forbidden to use the limiter as a means to stop operation.

9, in case of power failure, voltage large drop or equipment malfunction, cart walk on both sides of the leg is not synchronous offset occurs, all controller should immediately be moved to zero, and open the power switch. If the weight is in suspension, measures should be taken to slow down the weight.

10. It is forbidden to draw heavy objects or to hold the workpieces buried in sand or other objects.

11. Two overweight machines must travel more than 3 meters in the same orbit.

12, wire rope should be picking up the check regularly, and oil once every 15 days, before oil oil debris on the wire rope should be clean, heat oil to 60 ℃ or so, and to encourage oil into strand gap.

13. After work, the hook shall be hoisted, the trolley shall be parked at the end of the driver's room, and the crane will be opened at the designated place, and the track shall be locked with clamping tongs. Check and clean the equipment, do the daily maintenance work, put the operating handle (switch) in the neutral (zero position), pull the power switch, lock the cab, to be neat, clean and safe.



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