Teach you how to operate the dismantling and maintenance of bridge erecting machine

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Teach you how to operate the dismantling and maintenance of bridge erecting machine

1. When truss beams are removed, they shall be made of sleeper rafts. The shackle raft tower shall be firmly and reliably constructed. High strength bolts removed after flame heating shall be scrapped and shall not be inherited and used.

2. Workers entering the demolition site must wear safety helmet and protective shoes. Staff working on truss beams must wear safety belts. This is also the security protection for the operation of bridge installation equipment.

3. before disassembly, electrician shall mark each cable and wire and remove the site. Strictly prohibit those irrelevant employees from entering;

4. When there is a temporarily removed bolt, it shall be removed after penetrating diesel oil. It is not allowed to use strong impact or forced disassembly after heating with flame;

5. After the completion of the highway bridge frame beam, the track shall be laid, and the bridge machine of the open road at the bridgehead shall be disassembled. Staff shall identify hydraulic fittings, cylinders and other components to be marked for easy disassembly and lower assembly;

6. The disassembly work shall be organized and guided by the person in charge of the bridge and the technical personnel in the reverse order of the assembly.

7. The removed parts shall be handled and stored separately, and the interface of the hydraulic pipe joint shall be sealed.



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