Structural repair and reinforcement of port cranes can extend service life

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Structural repair and reinforcement of port cranes can extend service life

Structural repair and reinforcement of port cranes can extend service life

Now crane equipment is a common equipment for loading and unloading. Crane equipment is used when manpower cannot be used. That is to say, crane is a good helper for people. It is very important in working life and promotes the development of national economy. Port cranes promote the economic trade of ports, sometimes requiring reinforcement to extend service life and improve safety.

Reinforcement plan

The chassis is a beam-type structure, which is mainly subjected to bending stress, and the stress is concentrated at a portion which is combined with the center rotation from the distal end of the leg, and the cross section of the chassis is a box structure. According to these actual conditions, combined with the construction requirements, we decided to use separate vertical plates, horizontal plates for slab reinforcement, and two pieces of slabs welded together with one inclined slab, so that the three plates form a stable The tripod structure, through theoretical calculations, increases the strength by more than 15%, meeting the actual use requirements.

Material quality

The material is close to the material of the crane to ensure the welding effect, and the performance of the material must meet the strength requirements. After selecting the materials, the base metal and the new material are separately sampled and welded together for the failure test. The result is that the base metal is broken, indicating that the new material and the welded part are stronger than the base metal, ensuring the construction quality and strength requirements.


Welding process

Mainly to clean preheating, electrode drying, processing reinforcement board, welding machine, welding construction procedures and post-weld insulation requirements, to ensure the quality of construction.


Strength test

Check the welded parts for leaking and burning, and meet the requirements for use. After the reinforcement is completed, the structural parts are partially inspected, and the percentage of the strength increase of the structural parts of the chassis is judged, and then compared with the actual requirement of 15%, thereby obtaining the conclusion that the construction is qualified.



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