Structural design and accessories selection of European crane lifting organization

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Structural design and accessories selection of European crane lifting organization

Structural design and accessories selection of European crane lifting organization

        On the one hand, because the European crane takes up a small space, on the other hand, its service life and maintenance cost are low, so the European hoist has become a very popular equipment, and has been recognized by more and more users. Of course, to achieve the desired effect, there are corresponding requirements for its lifting organization.

        In order to meet the space advantage of European cranes, the lifting structure should use a flexible drive system, which can reduce the internal stress during the machine transmission process, and at the same time contribute to the improvement of transmission efficiency, and reduce the power consumption of the crane motor. Great benefit to achieve energy saving.

        At the same time, the hoisting organization of the European crane tries to use the four-point adjustable rotation limit, so that it can combine the functions of deceleration limit and phase loss protection limit to effectively protect the equipment. Of course, no matter what type of limit switch, it must have good sealing and dustproof effect.

        European-style cranes are mainly based on compact modular design, which achieves the reduction and reduction of the machine's own weight and height, which saves the construction cost of the plant and has higher utilization of space.

        It is also the motor used in the hoisting organization of European cranes. It is recommended to use a squirrel cage type pole-changing motor. This type of motor has a higher safety level and also has an overheat protection function to maintain a good working condition.

        There is also a steel wire rope, which can be imported with high-strength galvanized goods. Its breaking force is not less than 2160N/mm2, and it does not need to be protected or coated with anti-rust oil. It has high safety factor and can be used safely and safely.

In addition to the motor and wire rope, the gearbox is also an essential part of the European crane lifting organization, of course, can not be sloppy. The basic requirements are hard tooth surface, direct drive, good sealing, no leakage.



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