Steel wire rope handle calabash considerations

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Steel wire rope handle calabash considerations

The steel wire rope pulley hoist is a lifting tool for lifting, descending, pulling and calibrating, etc. The steel wire rope pulley hoist not only can not do the non-linear traction operation, but also can be very convenient to select the appropriate operation position, the mobility is strong, and the traction is the distance from the principal, easy to use.

1. The calabash of appropriate tonnage must be selected according to the size of the load

2. Before use, check whether the clamping screws have been tightened and should not be loosened; Trigger the handle to check whether the action is normal; If operation coordination, no abnormal noise or binding, can throw loose unloading handle, through has been wiped clean of form a complete set of wire rope, and clamping steel wire rope, then pull (forward or backward good handle, depending on the action is normal.

3. Fasten the calabash fastening with specified type and specification wire rope.

4. In operation, it is not allowed to replace the wire rope with other rope; In the operation, the cleaning of the wire rope should be kept to prevent the adhesion of mud and grease into the machine, which will affect the normal use or aggravate the wear of the clamp.

5. No lubrication is required in use.

6. Do not arbitrarily lengthen the handle; The rest of the handle should be free to move, no card resistance.

7. Under special circumstances, the hoist weight of the gourd should be reduced to a third of the rated weight when hoisting the hoist.



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