Simple gantry cranes used in what problem should note?

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Simple gantry cranes used in what problem should note?

The use of simple gantry crane and maintenance method is as follows

1.The use of simple gantry cranes:

(1)The Operating personnel should strictly abide by rules of the operation of the hoisting equipment, mastering the performance of the hoisting equipment, the correct use of lifting equipment, it is strictly prohibited to overload use or operation in spite of illness.

(2) Lifting heavy weights of the chain or rope must have enough strength, solid and reliable, lifting heavy objects should add padding at the time of the acute Angle, set to hook the rope must be placed in the center of the hook to prevent slippage and unnecessary accidents.

(3) Weight lifting and moving, shall be carried out under the condition of vertical, ban use gourd drag or forced lifting heavy objects buried in the ground.

(4) when lifting heavy objects, it is forbidden to pass through the head of the pedestrian.

(5) When the work is finished, it should not be suspended in the air.

2.The maintenance of simple gantry crane

(1) every six months, the rotating parts of the machine are lubricated once.

(2) regularly paint according to the usage situation. Use the paint once every year, the indoor two years paint once, in case the rust, the influence strength.



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