Safety Operating Regulations for Single Girder Overhead Cranes

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Before work

1. Before starting a single girder overhead crane with a cab, the hooks, wire ropes and safety devices should be inspected.

2. For ground-operated single girder overhead cranes, each shift should be inspected by a dedicated person.

3. The operator must confirm that no one is on the track before turning on the main power supply.

At work

1. When lifting a heavy object for the first time in each shift (or when the load reaches the maximum weight), the weight should be lowered after the height of 0.5 meters from the ground, and the brake performance should be checked. After the reliability is confirmed, the normal operation can be carried out.

2. Strictly implement the principle of "ten no hanging":

① The command signal is unknown or the command is not suspended;

② Do not hoist when the rated lifting capacity is exceeded;

④There are people or other floating objects on the hanging objects that are not hanging;

⑤ The brake or other brake safety device fails and does not hang;

⑥ Do not hang heavy objects when they are directly processed by crane;

⑦Hanging slantingly without hanging;

⑧ Do not hang explosive objects;

⑨Do not pull out objects buried underground;

⑩ Objects with edges and corners, not properly cushioned and not hung;

3. If an abnormality is found, stop immediately, cut off the power supply, check the cause and eliminate it in time.

After work

1. Raise the hook to a certain height, park the cart at the designated position, and place the controller handle at the "zero" position; pull down the knife switch and cut off the power supply.

2. Carry out daily maintenance.

3. Do a good job handover



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