Rail-mounted container gantry crane

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Rail-mounted container gantry crane

Rail-mounted container gantry crane

Operation and control of rail-mounted container gantry crane

The orbital container gantry crane is operated by the driver in the cab to operate the linkage. The cab is usually hung under the trolley and runs with the trolley. The entire operation of the crane can be achieved on the cab linkage. It is also possible to operate the cart on the running side of the cart to facilitate the temporary shifting of the crane. When operating on the running side of the cart, it is electrically interlocked with the main operating linkage.

The drive control of the rail-type container gantry crane is currently commonly used as an AC variable frequency speed control system. The control system mostly adopts communication control, and the inside of the container is mostly wired, which is characterized by high speed and high reliability. The crane integrated management system can be optionally installed, and the external control room adopts wireless data transmission, and the crane operating system is monitored, fault diagnosis and data collection by logic control.

Technical characteristics of rail-mounted container gantry crane

1. The energy feedback device can effectively save energy.

2. The eight-rope anti-broadcasting mechanism of the container spreader space effectively prevents the swing and twist of the spreader.

3, intelligent fault detection system, can better fault analysis and early warning of equipment.

4. Separate electric house and running trolley reduce the running load of the car and reduce energy consumption.

5, the advanced cart walking automatic correction system, reducing the problem of the rails of the cart, and improving the service life of the equipment.

6, intelligent security monitoring and management system, better suited to the needs of freight yard security monitoring and automated management.



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