Portable Mobile Gantry Crane

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Portable Mobile Gantry Crane

Portable Mobile Gantry Crane

Portable mobile gantry cranes are free-standing gantries mounted onto wheels or casters so they can quickly and easily be moved from one location to another. All our gantries can be mounted with wheels and/or casters. These cranes are sometimes also referred to as a-frame hoists, rolling cranes, or gantries because of the triangular (“A”) shape of their legs.Mobile gantry crane is a new type of hoisting equipment designed and developed to meet the needs of handling equipment, warehouse in and out, hoisting and repairing heavy equipment and material transportation.

Its advantages are omnidirectional mobility, quick disassembly and installation, small footprint, and can be transferred to another site for installation with a miniature car. The width and height can be adjusted in stages, and the steel structure is reasonably designed, which can bear the weight from 100 to 5000kg.

There are two main types of small hoisting gantry: one is a gantry that moves in all directions on the ground, and the bearing wheels with brakes can move on the ground, suitable for lifting objects on the ground; the other is fixedly installed on the floor surface or On the beam, the hoist is mechanized by electric or manpower hoist. It can reduce manpower, reduce production and operation costs, and improve work efficiency. We can customize according to the customer's on-site situation.



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