Portable Mobile Gantry Crane Introduction

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Portable Mobile Gantry Crane Introduction

Portable Mobile Gantry Crane

Portable gantry crane It is consists of gantry frame, main beam, hoist, electric driven, universal and electrical box,etc. Can be used as most popular type material lifting equipment for workshop, warehouse material delivery, outdoor, construction, etc.The product is divided into electric and hand push two types,portable gantries are available to move and disassemble from one work site to another easily.

It has many advantages such as light weight, easy operation and portable design. It has all-round mobility and can be quickly disassembled and installed. It covers a small area and can be transferred to another site for installation and use with a mini car. Width, height can be graded adjustment, steel structure design is reasonable

Portable Mobile Gantry Crane Usage Instructions

  1. After the operation (assembly) of the gantry frame is completed, load test hanging should be carried out; The test crane is divided into static load and dynamic load to check the operating capacity, bearing capacity, stability and reliability of each system

  2. Gantry frame operation, to achieve parallel stability, do not make it distorted.

  3. Overload is strictly prohibited.

  4. There should be a special person to command the operation, and other personnel should have a clear division of labor; Establish a unified contact signal.

  5. In case of power failure or other special circumstances during the operation, heavy objects should be dropped to the ground and not suspended in the air.

  6. It is strictly prohibited to stand under the gantry frame and the heavy objects lifted.

  7. When running on the gantry frame, do not stand people.



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