Pay special attention to the use of the bridge Erecting machine

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Pay special attention to the use of the bridge Erecting machine

Pay special attention to the following points during the use of the bridge machine

    1. The required height of the specified height on both sides of the longitudinal running track of the bridging machine is kept stable. The transverse running rails of the front, middle and rear legs are required to be horizontal, and the spacing is strictly controlled. The three tracks must be parallel.

    2. When installing the concrete beam of the skewed bridge, the front, middle and rear legs of the bridge machine should be staggered in front and rear, and the left and right wheels should be staggered back and forth. The spacing can be calculated according to the oblique angle so that the leg wheels can run on the same transverse track. . Third, the longitudinal movement of the bridge erecting machine must do all the preparatory work, and it is required to be in place once, and it is not allowed to stop in the middle.

    4. When the gantry crane is carrying the concrete beam longitudinally, the front leg part needs to be tightened with the chain hoist (5t) and the traverse track to strengthen the stability.

    5. When installing the bridge with vertical and vertical slopes, the longitudinal displacement of the bridge machine should have measures to prevent slipping. For example: the use of triangular iron blocks to protect the front and rear of the wheel, especially the middle leg is very close to the beam end, pay attention to control when shifting.

    6. After the erecting machine is assembled, it must be hoisted and tested. After the concrete beam is used for the test, the bridge erecting machine can be put into operation again to start the installation work.



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